Advanced Defensive Handgun Tactics Course


The Advanced Defensive Handgun Tactics course is a unique opportunity to put your training into action. By using realistic replica AirSoft weapons, students at Steiner Academy of Firearms Training will be able to practice self-defense against real aggressors without the risk of injury or messy paint. All of the weapons look, feel, and respond identically to their respective “real-steel” weapons. This is training–as real as it gets!

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Steiner Academy of Firearms Training has developed a course designed to immerse the student in real-world scenarios in order to develop the mental aspects of self-defense with a firearm. Through the use of AirSoft weaponry, students are able to use realistic weapons, with normal holster, and learn how one should react to an attacker without physically hurting anyone. Course topics include Close-Contact shooting; Cover and Concealment, situational awareness, loading, unloading, malfunction clearance, drawing and firing techniques, firing from cover, multiple targets, movement indoors, and tactics.



  • wrap-around eye-protection
  • shoes appropriate for athletic movement


Optional Items:

  • Personal airsoft pistol – semi auto or revolver gas or electric (no spring guns)


Duration: 1 Day