Justified Use of Force Course


The Justified Use of Force course is one of the newest instruction-blocks at Steiner Academy of Firearms Training and offers a very realistic perspective on shoot/no-shoot scenarios through the use of live attackers and AirSoft weapons.

This course is open to all levels of students.

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Steiner Academy of Firearms Training believes in the rule of law and as such, all students going through this course will have a keen understanding of the legal aspects of the use of force/deadly force. This course offers a unique opportunity for student to put this understanding to use through practical application in shoot/no-shoot scenarios with live attackers via AirSoft.

Students will be exposed to real-life situations: attackers, bystanders and other scenarios, based on years of experience

Students completing this course will acquire a greater understanding of:

  • Justified use of force
  • Legal and practical application
  • Situational awareness
  • Shoot Don’t shoot
  • Proper Room clearing (in depth)
  • Basic after event procedure


Duration: 3 hours