Youth Firearms Safety Primer


The Youth Firearms Safety Primers are the perfect way to introduce children and adolescents to firearms and firearm concepts.  Students at Steiner Academy of Firearms Training will learn how to hold, carry, load a weapon, stance grip sight alignment and sight picture. Above everything else, these courses are designed to provide a Safety-First environment and mindset.

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This course provides students ages 7-15 the opportunity to learn firearms safety as it relates to firearms, airsoft and paintball. This training will provide the information required for young people to be safe around all types of firearms. This course will cover safety basics, proper use of, proper operations to ensure the safety of the student and those around them. Students graduating this class will be safer and more responsible.



  • Eye and ear protection (wrap-around eye-protection)
  • Shoes appropriate for athletic movement
  • Ammo  50 rounds for your personal firearm caliber or .22 lr if you will be using class firearms ( can be purchased day of class at Inner 10 Weapons and Training)

Optional Items:

  • Personal  Firearms (bring ammo separate from firearms when entering the building, no loaded magazines, no loaded firearms)


Location: 8910 Military – Inner 10 Range

Duration: 3 Hours