Steiner Academy of Firearms Training

Defensive & Tactical Firearms Training for Students of All Levels

Dedicated for a Reason

Steiner Academy of Firearms Training exists to empower people with the skills necessary to protect both themselves and others, through courses geared toward beginners, knowledgeable shooters, and highly-trained tactical personnel looking to further their understanding and application of handgun and rifle use.

Training at SAFT covers more than just the functional aspect of the weapon, aiming and shooting; but it provides comprehensive decision training through real-world scenarios to provide students with keen grasp of legal aspects of lethal force, ethical conduct while armed, and the ability to assess one’s environment quickly and correctly.

Steiner Academy of Firearms Training does not stop when students complete a single course; but rather, engages students as often as possible in order to further their firearms instruction and provide the student with the most multifaceted compilation of defensive and tactical training available.