Steiner Academy of Firearms Training

Defensive & Tactical Firearms Training for Students of All Levels

I came to Shawn Steiner having purchased my first gun ever, a 22 caliber semi-automatic handgun, two weeks before. I’d taken someone else’s Concealed Carry course, which I withdrew myself from after the first round of shooting at the firing line, because I barely knew how to operate the gun (didn’t even know how very hard I had to pull the trigger) and I was terrified of the small pop of that 22. Shawn displayed an astonishing level of patience as he answered dozens of my questions as we sat at a table in his dojo and talked about and manipulated the gun for three hours. Near the end of two sessions later he declared I was ready to go to the firing range. I wasn’t so sure, but decided to trust him We went.. He was nothing short of brilliant as he stood beside me and with a calm that was inspiring, instructed me step by step what to do. At the end, I had a feeling of real accomplishment, having succeeded in keeping my wits about me throughout and I did not shoot anything but the target. Since then I’ve gotten a bigger handgun–the learning curve has gotten a whole lot steeper. I have faith with Shawn’s leadership I can deal with it too. One thing we agree on: quitting is only an option of absolute last resort. –Mary Christman