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Niki M.

After taking several classes with the instructors at Steiner Academy of Firearms training, I have seen excellent improvement in my skills. I have since recommended them to several friends who are taking multiple classes as well. Straight-forward, clear instruction and their ability to adapt the classes for all student levels, with out boring an experienced student or confusing a new student, makes them an excellent source for group, semi-private, and private instruction.

Eric. W.

I would reccomend Steiner Academy of Firearms Training to anyone of all backgrounds. The instructor (Shawn Steiner) has away with relating with each individual. He made class fun while learning @ the same time. Don't get me wrong, he is very serious & passionate about making sure no one leaves class ill equipped. I definitely feel more confident & knowledgeable.

Amber B.

I signed up for the CCW class at inner 10 and at first I was nervous, I’ve only shot a revolver once and didn’t know too much about handguns. However Shawn did an amazing job at simplifying things and putting them into a way that’s easily understandable. It’s a long class, but he made it engaging, interesting and overall just a fun experience. I left feeling like I had a whole lot more knowledge about handguns, the laws pertaining to handguns and the safety of them. I even felt a lot more comfortable holding and carrying a gun. I was also nervous about the shooting portion of the class being that I’ve never really shot before, Shawn told us that if we pay attention and do what he says, we’ll pass with flying colors. Like I said he made it so easy to understand and if I didn’t get it right away he would take the time to go over it until I did. When it was my turn to shoot, I think I surprised both him AND me. All thanks to his great teaching

Lindsey E.

I highly recommend taking the handgun training and safety course with Shawn Steiner. This class was very informative on the laws, safety, and proper use of handguns. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything in detail, and for a great experience! I look forward to going back for more practice in the future! 💯🙌🏼

Chris C.

I took the CCW course. Shawn went above and beyond with our training. If you want someone that takes their responsibility seriously, check out Steiner for all your training needs!

Scott B.

I'm a total novice. Other than through a sales case I have never had any interactions with firearms, much less handled one. So I wanted the private instruction where I could go at my own pace, ask ridiculous questions and be comfortable in my ignorance.
I just finished last Friday and would HIGHLY recommend not only for someone looking to be better with firearms, but really anyone. It's skills that everyone should possess.
In just three short hours I learned how to properly and safely handle, load and fire a hand gun. Shawn is super patient, knowledgeable and a fantastic instructor. I'm absolutely going to signup for additional classes and have Steiner be the guidance I needed for my path from novice to capable. 5 stars.

Justin A.

How 3 Hours > 20 Hours of Practice | or | Passing the FBI Qualification Test in 3 Hours
Shawn's instruction enabled me to become a more competent shooter in 3 hours than all my hours training before. His instruction method is holistic with a focus on safety and understanding the mechanics of the firearm. With the fundamentals down we transitioned to basic grip, stance, and trigger control with Shawn correcting minor deficiencies at each step to build a solid foundation. Finally, when we moved to complex motions like drawing, presentation, and longer range shooting everything came together. As a native of Nebraska and resident of New York visiting for a few days, Shawn provided the quality instruction and customer service I needed in my short time back home.
A picture is worth a 1000 words so I'll let the results speak for themselves.
My first 11 baseline shots to see how well I shot without instruction are in the bottom left hand corner. After Shawn's instruction my next 6 shots on on the top right.

Jason J.

I've been through many firearms classes in my fifteen years in the military, I attended the conceal carry class at Steiner Academy and was absolutely blown away. The classroom training was great and everything was explained to you about laws, rules etc; in the way you could relate. This whole class was by far the best firearms class I've ever been to and look forward to using my skills taught to me and working with Steiner Academy to further advance my training in the future. Again great job! Will definitely recommend!!

Stacy K

I took the Women's Handgun Primer course yesterday and am so happy I did! I had some experience with rifles, but had never even held a pistol, so knew I had a lot to learn. I decided to take a class instead of having my husband give me pointers and I was NOT disappointed! Shawn was a wonderful instructor. I didn't have to ask too many questions because he always provided the answer before I could ask. By the time I got up to the firing line, I was confident in what I was doing. The instructors were all fantastic and very attentive with giving pointers on the proper grip and stance when shooting, which I really needed help with. The class was so much fun, I can't wait to get into a shooting range on my own to apply everything that I learned. I am looking forward to taking the CCW class through Steiner when I am ready!

Adrian D.

Taught a very informative class with great visuals, training aids and good humor ! Answered all question and even took time for 1 on 1 with those less experienced . I definitely enjoyed his class and teaching style !

Nali M.

Shawn was an excellent instructor! very hands on and personable. I recommend this class to anyone, and am looking forward to more training with the academy!

Lance M.

Shawn was an excellent instructor. He was informative, thorough, comedic, based, involved the students, played off the students' personalities, and just overall made the class enjoyable. The class took all day, but it didn't feel that long and I didn't fall asleep.

Brad P.

Shawn is an outstanding instructor, very knowledgeable and a great coach on the range. Highly recommend!