Fundamental Handgun Training

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The Fundamental Handgun Training course is designed to introduce the novices and those less comfortable around firearms to them in a safe and controlled environment. They will be taught not only proper firearms handling, but also the proper mindset for owning, carrying and using a firearm. Graduates of this program will be much more confident around firearms with their new-found knowledge.

The course is open to all levels of students. View Course Schedule for dates and times.

Class is held at Inner 10 Range – 8910 Military Rd

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This is a course designed for New Owners and those among us who have never touched a weapon. After graduating from this Steiner Academy of Firearms Training course, the student will be more comfortable around firearms, and knowledgeable on operation, maintenance, handling, and marksmanship.

The focus will be on safety at all times: safe pick-up, holding, handing off, loading/unloading, malfunction clearance, and storage.

Students completing this course will leave with a new found confidence in their skill and comfort at arms.



  •  Handgun  (Rentals available)
  • 100 rounds of ammunition minimum. Factory ammunition only – no reloads. (available for purchase).
  • 1 (+) Spare magazines
  • optional -Quality holster and magazine carriers
  • optional – Strong belt for holster set up
  • optional – Ear and wrap around eye protection


Duration: 3 hours