Private Instruction- 1 Hour per person


At the Steiner Academy of Firearms Training, we offer a unique Private Instruction Course that goes beyond basics. Whether you’re new to firearms or a seasoned pro, our personalized approach has something for everyone. Our carefully designed curriculum is made to fit your individual skills and know-how, ensuring you get the most out of your training. To get started on this personalized journey, explore our available time slots using the registration link or reach out via email to schedule a session that suits you.

A few specialized topic private instruction

Firearm Safety & Familiarization

Accuracy Coaching

Defensive Shooting Skills

Other topics fit to your goals


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Flexible Private Lessons

Unlock the power of personalized learning with our private lessons at Steiner Academy of Firearms Training. Whether you're a lone shooter or a group of three, we've got you covered at a per person rate.

Our commitment to shooter development drives us to create training experiences tailored to your unique needs and ambitions. Your first private instruction session should consider a 1.5 or 2 hour session, designed to kick-start your journey. Once you've conquered that, the learning doesn't stop – dive deeper by adding 1-hour sessions to build on your newfound skills.

We keep things affordable and competitive for private instruction, with special discounts for groups and referrals.  Firearms and safety equipment are available for rent so you do not need your own.  Get a lesson so you are armed with knowledge before you spend your hard earned money.

Join us at Inner10 Weapons and Training, 8910 Military Road, for your private classes, unless we've agreed on a different location. Get ready to aim higher and shoot smarter with personalized guidance!