P.D.P – Personal Defense Dry-Fire Practice


P.D.P - Personal Defense Dry-Fire Practice 

Training held at 3109 N. 120th St Omaha,  Steiner Academy of Martial Arts
Dry-Fire Training & Concealed Carry Tactics
Enhance Your concealed Carry Skills Join us for an interactive session focused on refining your carry techniques and mastering dry-fire practice. This monthly class is designed to boost your confidence in concealed carry while providing crucial training that doesn't deplete your ammo. Please remember, no ammunition is allowed inside the building during this session.
P.D.P Personal Defense Practice
Kindly secure Ammo in your vehicle.
What to bring :

Empty Firearm and holster / Carry Method.

Those without a firearm are welcome, loaners are first come first served.

  • MantisX

  • Dry-fire laser (some available for purchase)

  • Dummy Rounds
Topics Covered In Upcoming Classes:
  • Drawing smoothly from concealment
  • Precision in marksmanship
  • Safely retaining your firearm
  • Firing on the move
  • Mastering cover and concealment shots
  • Tactical approaches in entanglements
  • Swift reloading and addressing malfunctions
  • Safe firearm handling and positions


Elevate your concealed carry skills with practical training that prepares you for real-world situations.

We're here to empower you at Steiner Academy of Firearms Training.