USCCA Membership
Complete the Level 01/02 and/or 03 qualifications
for the USCCA Protector Academy online – before or immediately following this course

Get your qualification and certification at any of the 3 levels

USCCA members have the opportunity to develop a simple, yet effective firearms training habit that combines your local USCCA Partner Range with the courses, videos, and guides of Protector Academy™. Have you completed the online training and are now looking to round out your USCCA Protector Academy qualifications?

Join us for this four-hour course presented by
Steiner Academy of Firearm Training and Inner 10 Weapons & Training.

Course Overview: Marksmanship is a crucial foundation for any responsibly armed American. Now that you have completed your foundational training, it is time to test yourself on the range.
Required Gear & Supplies:
Holster, if you own one
Your firearm. Train with your personal self-defense firearm whenever possible.
Level 01 – (50) rounds of ammunition
Level 02 – (50) rounds of ammunition
Level 03 – (50) rounds of ammunition
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