Ballistic Betties – Women’s Firearm Training Group

Ballistic Betties

An ongoing training oriented group for Female shooters to improve their comfort at skill at arms and basic self-defense (hand to hand).

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Ballistic Betties – Women’s Firearm Training Group


Inner 10 has teamed with Ballistic Betties to provide world-class firearms and self-defense training to all women from neophyte to proficient. Our instructors are committed to providing you, our members, a comfortable and safe environment to continuously improve your self-defense capabilities and skill-at-arms.Ballistic Betties

We offer several types of women’s only classes to fit your busy schedule. For a quick block of training spend an hour or two at Betties Night at the Range or Basic Gun Cleaning class. Need to increase your comfort level, register for our Intro Ballistic Betties course whether you are a brand-new shooter or added a new gun to your collection. Time to step up your training then enjoy a half day advance skill set course.

Women recognize that there is more to training than just shooting a few rounds at the range. After one class, your confidence levels skyrocket as your sense of empowerment increases. Ballistic Betties provides the knowledge, the tools, and the environment that creates confident and proficient women shooters. Ballistic Betties members work together to provide support and form lasting bonds in a fun and safe environment.