Context Based Self Defense Course


This self-defense course offers realistic, scenario-based exercises that will test your defensive tactics and skills against live, resistive opponents in a safe, supportive, and friendly learning environment. View Course Schedule for dates and times.  Held at Steiner academy of martial arts 


Scenario-Based Self-Defense

Detailed Description:

In this 4-hour in-person instructor-led course, you will learn and practice personal safety and self-defense strategies, tactics, and options to better prepare you for managing unavoidable risky situations and people, as well as possible violent criminal attacks.

All levels of experience and ability levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. This course provides an excellent opportunity for experienced self-defense practitioners (concealed carry, martial arts, defensive tactics). This class is also appropriate if you are a beginner wishing to start building your personal safety and defense practices.

Key topics and skills include:

  • Personal strategies and tactics
  • Critical decision-making under duress
  • Deselection and deterrence
  • Legal use of force review; including deadly force
  • Individual equipment options, selection, and testing

For everyone’s safety, NO LIVE WEAPONS will be allowed in the class. Inert (non-live) weapons and equipment will be used in this class and all the necessary gear and equipment will be provided to the students at no additional cost.


Recommended gear (not provided): mouth guard, clear face shields/safety goggles, defensive flashlight, note taking materials, snacks & drinks (as needed).

Optional gear: concealed carry holster and inert blue gun version of your everyday, concealed carry handgun(s) (Again--NO LIVE FIREARMS!)

Street clothes: comfortable, everyday clothing that you can move in. Most of the class will occur indoors on mats without shoes, wearing socks, and wrestling shoes.  We also ask that you remove any expensive jewelry or jewelry that could cause injury to yourself or others. Please note that some scenarios may occur outdoors, so bring outerwear appropriate for conditions.


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