Private Instruction

The Steiner Academy of Firearms Training Private Instruction Course is an extremely fulfilling investment in your own personal firearms education through one-on-one instruction/mentoring through every facet of handgun, shotgun, rifle and tactical training. This course is not just for the novice to become more comfortable with firearms, but will also benefit the seasoned firearms veteran with a tailored curriculum designed specifically for the individual student’s knowledge and skill level.  register link has available times or you can email us to schedule.

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Private lessons can include up to 3 people at a per person rate.

Steiner Academy of Firearms Training is dedicated to shooter development. Toward that end, we offer uniquely tailored training curriculums, designed specifically for your individual needs and goals. The initial private instruction session will consist of a 2-hour block of training. After this block of instruction has been completed, students can purchase additional sessions in 1-hour increments to help build upon all the things they have learned.

We offer competitive private instruction rates and have discount options available for multiple students and referrals.

Private classes are held at Inner10 Weapons and training 8910 Military Road unless otherwise discussed.